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About Our Back to School Program.

There are more than 150+ children that are being served through the Cornerstone Community Outreach Program homeless shelter and low-income programs. Children from newborn up to age 17. Our plans are to help as many of those children with their back to school supplies, shoes and uniforms. Please feel free to talk to your co-workers, friends, and family to see if they'd like to participate. This program is successful because so many of you share and help us recruit new people interested in giving back locally to help families in Chicago.

All donations go to CCO for school related items to distribute to the families in the greatest need, so the more partitipation we have the more children we can help. Please note, this is not replacing our Santa Program — Santa has been called on to help with Back to School.

We'll be collecting donations through August 16th, but please let us know if you're collecting donations or participating sooner than later. We still need time to shop for the students.

We're encouraging people to make a donation to support children getting back packs, school supplies, uniforms and shoes. Pease feel free to give what you can.

This allows our santa helpers to do specific shopping for the children sizes and since TheTalentConnection can purchase school bags and the polo uniform shirts wholesale we'll be able to stretch your dollars twice as far.

Make a Back to School Donation through PayPal:

Send us gift cards:
Send us a gift card to Target where we can buy their school uniform pants and skirts and school supplies. We'll also accept any other retailer gift cards that can be used to purchase school supplies, clothes, shoes or even food in the Greater Chicago area.

Mail to CCO Back to School Program
6688 Joliet Road #292, Indian Head Park, IL 60525-4575

Every $5 Donation made with this link will buy a Uniform Shirt:


Mail a check:
Checks made payable to: Cornerstone Community Outreach
Mail to CCO Back to School Program
6688 Joliet Road #292, Indian Head Park, IL 60525-4575
(Please mark your check as CCO Back to School as well.)

Shop for a specific child:
Download the school supply list and shop for the child you sponsored over the holidays, or any child (girl or boy). Once you have your donation ready, please contact one of our drop locations to arrange to drop it off.

Donate gently used clothes, shoes and school supplies:
School just ended, don't know what to do with the leftover school supplies from your own children. Tear out the used pages from notebooks and pack them up along with any other school supplies or art supplies. We're also accepting gently used or new socks, underwear, shoes and clothes for ages infant through high school.

Check with your neighbors, friends, co-workers or any organizations you belong to and see if they have anything they'd like to donate along with yours.

Tax Donation Receipt:
Please download CCO's donation receipt form and include it along with your donation and you will receive a donation letter for tax purposes from CCO. Click here to download PDF form.
If you're making a cash donation, we'll automatically fill the form out for you and have CCO mail them out after the event.

Where to drop your donation:
You can contact any of our convenient drop locations to make arrangements to drop off you donation, or you can ship to
CCO Back to School Program
6688 Joliet Road #292, Indian Head Park, IL 60525-4575

While you're spring cleaning, don't forget we're always collecting gently used winter coats, snow pants, sweaters, boots, new gloves and hats which will be distributed as needed to all ages including adults during colder months.

Thanks to all the wonderful people
that have helped us over the years with
Santa's Programs!

Please feel free to contact us
with any suggestions or questions.

Heather Wier Vaught or Phyllis Wier

We hope we can count on your support to help spread the word so we can help as many children as possible to have a great start to their school year.

Whether it's your first year getting involved, or you're part of our growing family of supporters. Every supporter of our program helps make one more child or family happy and grateful.